Pass HR Services
Pass HR Services

Pass HR Services

Pass HR Services is an agency specialized in temporary work, selection, outplacement and service vouchers. The agency has 7 employees, each of whom has his/her specialization. 

Here are the services provided by ITTOVATION to this client:
- Global support
- Maintenance of computers and servers
- Website maintenance


Mersen Benelux

Mersen Benelux

Mersen previously called Carbone Lorraine, is a French international company in electrical power and advanced materials. It is based in 35 countries across the globe with 53 production facilities. The company also has 15 Research and Development centers.

Here are the services provided by ITTOVATION to this client:
- Global support
- Cloud integration/maintenance
- Netwerk and server maintenance

Van de Velde Beton LC
Van de Velde Beton

Van de Velde Beton LC

Van de Velde Beton is a family company specialized in concrete, sand, gravel and prefabricated elements.
The company is made of more or less 50 employees.
Here are the services provided by ITTOVATION to this client:
- Global support
- Video surveillance
- Cloud integration/maintenance
- Server-and Network maintenance

Dentistry Dentas

Dentistry Dentas

Wilmaers dentistry will take care of your worries and give you your shiny smile back. It will make your fear for dentist dissapear and bring back your trust for them thanks to its expertise and oprimal results. 

Here are the services provided by ITTOVATION to this:
- Global support
- Remote monitoring
- Video surveillance



ITTOVATION delivers and installs your network, PC’s, servers, printers and other peripheral devices. This service is completely modular, which means that you can add or adapt the disered components yourself. We are specialized in the smallest type of networks as well as in very big and complex ones made of dozens of servers and hundreds of computers.


Installation of small-size networks

A network can be made of a generic server (usually dealing with applications, files or printers) and connected to one or several PCs, laptops and one or more printers. These network installations are made to ensure an efficient backup system.


Installation of bigger and more complex networks

We are also working on the setup of networks from A to Z for bigger companies inside of which you will find:

  • Setup of cabling, patch panels and terminal blocks
  • Installation of wireless networks:
    • Configuration en installation of wireless transmitters for meeting rooms or the entire building complex
    • Setup of a 'Hot spot' infrastructure for a secure internet surfing environment for users (e.g.: public spaces, cultural centers and libraries)
    • Setup of long-distance connections between different locations
  • Installation of racks for your servers, switches, routers...
  • Installation of servers for services such as:
    • Application server
    • File- en printserver
    • Mailser ver
    • Terminal server
    • Back-up server
  • Installation of network equipment:
    • Configuration of switches/routers
    • Configuration of firewalls for URL filtering/VPN...
  • Installation of virtual servers coupled with SAN/NAS devices based on 'Vmware' technology:
    • Central storage for each connected server (physical or virtual)
    • Online duplication of data to multiple SAN/NAS systems
    • Back-ups through the Snapshot technology
  • Setup of PC's, laptops, printers and other peripheral devices:
    • Addition to the domain
    • Use of Group policies